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Lex Ferenda [Eleus Eluvies] by IK0LUESI Lex Ferenda [Eleus Eluvies] by IK0LUESI

Best Mode of RP with me:
            +Skype: Note me for my skype name.. (I'm pretty much always on...) 
            +Chatrooms (On school breaks will be on chats...)
            +Note/Comments... I have a nasty habit of not replying fast enough...
            +Any other method? Comment or Note me about it...

Suos Cultores Scientia Coronat
                                  "Knowledge crowns those who seek her"


 ɤ   ›NAME:

               Eleus Eluvies

                    ɤ   ›AGE:

                    ɤ   ›HOUSE:
                              ▴ Ravenclaw 

                    ɤ   ›BIRTHDAY:
                                January 20th

                    ɤ   ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT:
                                179 cm/71 kg

                    ɤ   ›WAND INGREDIENTS:
                                [Ebony + Dragon Heartstring + Rigid + Twelve Inches]

                    ɤ   ›SPELL LIST: 

                        Impedimenta: This jinx is capable of tripping, freezing, binding, knocking back and generally impeding the target's progress towards the caster.
                        Protego: The Shield Charm causes minor to moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker.
                        Tarantallegra: Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollably.
: Shoots a jet of spiraling wind from the tip of the wand. 
                        Accio: Summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.
                        Expelliarmus: Causes whatever the victim is holding to fly away, knocks out an opponent if used too forcefully.
                        Wingardium Leviosa: Levitates and moves the target.
                    ɤ   ›EXTRA CURRICULAR / ELECTIVE CLASSES:

                               Electives: Study of Ancient Runes || Arithmancy
                               Extra Curricular: Ancient Studies || Xylomancy

                    ɤ   ›PERSONALITY:

Studious/Diligent: This boy is all about learning. Most students hate to study or waste their lives in a long boring task of acquiring new information but Eleus here, makes learning a hobby. He loves it and is willing to dedicate many hours slaving away with reading and understanding magic. Thus he spends much of this time in the library drinking in as much books as he can. (It's no wonder, he's in Ravenclaw) 

Reflective/Observative: Eleus has a tendency to quietly observe people and try to understand why a person acted a certain way. Involuntary almost, he tries to figure out other's character and motives. 
He likes to muse about his self also; if he's not studying or trying to understand other's behavior, Eleus would be sitting near a window, looking out and reflecting about all sorts of things, from his choices to things like what is the purpose of living. And because he's contemplative, he knows himself well and is rather self controlled because of it. /Nosce Te Ipsum is his other motto./

Honest/Blunt: He is honest towards people; he won't hold back if he wants to say something. He doesn't sugar coat thing except towards little children. He believes anyone older than 11 shouldn't be lied to since they are old enough to understand the full extent of something. 

Stubborn/Tenacious: This trait has it's quirks and downside. Being tenacious, if he decides on something, he will pull through with it no matter what; however, that can also be a problem because he would not change his mind. Once he decides on something, he will stick to it to the very end even though his decision might not be the smartest choice.

Shrewd/Manipulative: He knows how to speak in a way that can make something do what he wants them to do or make them lean toward his side of bias. And being quite an ambitions child, Eleus would think of creative ways to get what he wants though he might feel bad about it in the end. This is how he can make the children from his family's orphanage listen to him and do what he wants them to do. And when he plans to prank someone when it calls for, he's rather thorough on his calculations. 

Protective --> Makes him a bit hot-headed: If you become his friend, he will be loyal to you and protect you to the very end. Mess with one of the orphanage kids, he will lose his cool pretty quickly. And he gets pretty protective of people that gets picked on cause of their blood status. He, like his whole family, does not believe that a person's blood determined anything. 
Knowledgeable: Eleus knows are wide variety of information and may at time seem like a know-it-all because of all the time he spends reading. And because he likes to chip in random facts or give tales of a historical event every so often people might find him annoying. Kids love to hear stories but to older students, having to listen to someone rant about history can be tiring and irritating. 

Other Adjectives: Responsible|Caring|Rational|Straightforward|Inquisitive maybe to the point of meddlesome

                    ɤ   ›HISTORY:

Family's Backstory:
Eleus was born into family of Eluvies, an ancient and well-known Pureblood line. Both his father and mother were black sheep of their family. His mother, Lua Leothren, was abandoned by her radical blood supremacist parents at age 7 when she would not leave her Half-blood friend who lived nearby. Believing that she had some defection in her genes, her parents just left her in a Muggle orphanage as they saw it fit for her to be with those Muggles; there two Muggles decides to adopt her. Her adoptive parents were very loving and Lua could see that not being Pureblood didn't mean anything as they, though shocked at first about her magical abilities, still loved and accepted her. His  father, Echion Eluvies, also did not believe in blood purity and would not accept the conservative belief of Pureblood supremacy because as he went to Hogwarts, his field of vision expanded so he no longer saw that blood had to do with anything, thus he was disown from his home during his fifth year at Hogwarts. He met Lua during his third year and quickly became best friends with her. So when he had no where to go, Lua's family offered to house him which further enforced his belief that Muggles weren't bad at all. Lua's adoptive parents gladly open their arms and accepted him like one of their own.

As the years went on, Lua and Echion slowly fell in love and after graduating, the two immediately married. Echion worked at a low ministry job while Lua volunteered to work at St. Mungos to help out people. Soon they had Eleus, who they loved so dearly. The two worked hard to buy a cosy little home so that Eleus can live comfortably. The family did not have much but they were extremely happy.

When Eleus was two, Echion's father passed away and because they was no other heir, all the Eluvies possession was given to Echion. At first Echion did not want to inherit anything. He was content with the way his family was already. But then one night when he was talking to Lua about maybe adopting a child as they wanted to do what Lua's adoptive parents did for her, the two decided that they should spend the immense Eluvies bank money on creating an orphanage. This became a pet project for them. They built a home for orphans from scratch. The two gathered and found orphans whether they were Pureblood, Squibs, Halfblood or even Muggles and gave them love and a comfort of family.

Early Years of Life:
The two took each children's interest to heart and did much for them; however that led to them not give much attention to Eleus making the child feel angry at his parents for loving the orphans more than himself. Thus when Eleus was five, he would often times be mean to the other children and won't share anything with them. He would tease them and was mean because he was jealous of his parent's affection towards the other children.

When Eleus' behavior was going out of hand, Ec
hion and Lua had a talk with him, telling him that he should be a brother to them. That he was lucky to have his real parents with him. They told him that the other children don't have parents while he still have one. They asked him how would he feel if his parents just suddenly disappeared and left him. Echion and Lua told Eleus that they love him very much but wanted to give love to the others who don't have someone to love them. Eleus then realized how he was being insensitive and cried while apologizing to his parents for his behavior. Afterwards he started to treat the other children like his family and took care of them.

And so as he grew, Eleus began to become a protective brother figure to the children. He would be the one the orphans come to, to talk about their problems if the children was uncomfortable with saying things to his parents. He would play with them and read to them about adventures of fantasy heroes. And he would often  tutor the kids on how to read and basic math. He learned how to stop a child from crying, or how to tend them when they are scared, injured, or hungry. (A/N If anyone thinks that a child couldn't do these things... you're wrong... It's possible for young children to know how to take of our their younger siblings. My brother who is only older than me by three years basically fed and cleaned me up when I was a baby because my mother was too ill to do so. u vu)

When he wasn't helping out with the orphanage, Eleus would be seen reading or trying to learn about all shorts of things, especially history. Since his parents were busy most of the time, he would find books to read. He was curious about the world and the children's books gave him the answers. He would read anything book that he could find in his reading level (He is young so obviously he can't read thick text books of history information but he reads those novels oriented for elementary students). And so Eleus visits the local library many times and occasionally drag the orphans as a "field trip" with him. 

Entering Hogwarts:
When he turned 11, he received his Hogwarts letter, and his parents were thrilled. Eleus was excited, too. Like with all the other children, his parents used to tell him about "tales" of a magical world which he believed to be make believe as the orphanage is located in Muggle London so his parents did not fully show the wizardry world to him. But after his first accidental magic, he soon learned that wizard and witches were real and could not wait to become a wizard. When he began his schooling, he absolutely loved Hogwarts; he loved his classes, he loved his house, he loved all the things he could learn. He was greatly enjoying his first year but then one day he saw a fellow student getting picked on because of that child's blood status. Eleus being the protective older brother figure he is, stepped in and attempted to stop the bullying. The bullies were making nasty comments about how inferior "Mudbloods" were and how much better "Purebloods" are. At that moment, Eleus honestly did not know what those words are because his parents never spoke of things like that, but he did know that what they were saying was not nice. When Eleus got in front of the victim, the bullies started to taunt Eleus as well. Eleus just glared and kicked the bully's shin and ran off with the victim as the bullies were shunned at the sudden kick. (That's a bit Gryfindor-like but he's just a 11 year old, I don't think he could have thought of anything better...but now when he's older, he's smarter when handling with bullies. )

After that incident, Eleus sent an owl to his parents about what happened and they explained to him about blood purity in which Eleus' natural response was "That's stupid".  He believes that everyone bleeds red the same, so he doesn't understand why people would think blood status makes you weaker or stronger. 

Every year Eleus comes to school and generally enjoys it though he does miss his huge family. He works diligently and tries to do well in school. He received relatively good grades for his first five years though he has some difficulty with Potions. And when he comes home for breaks he would entertain the kids with "stories" about the magical world and of course return to helping care for them as the children's big brother. 

(Some info about the Orphanage: Since the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy is in place, the family is a bit tricky when it comes to housing Muggles. At first they housed wizardry children as they are accustomed to living in the magical world so the building itself was designed to use magic around; however, after two years in running the orphanage the family decided that they would open up their arms for Muggle children as well. Since that decision, the family hid the existence of magic though they might entertain the children with "tales" of a wizardry world that seemed like fictional children's stories. In all appearance, the orphanage is like a normal Muggle one with volunteers and staff members (both magic users and Muggles) that help run it (e.i. cooking meals, cleaning the rooms, tutoring, etc.). When a child does accidental magic, a staff who is a wizard or witch would Obliviate all those who seen it. When a child receives their Hogwarts Letter, either Echion, Lua or one of the Wizard/Witch staff would accompany the child to get their needed supply. 
So officially it's a Muggle orphanage but hidden with it is a place with magic. In a way like Wizarding Villages that are basically communities within a community... though the wizards and witches are especially careful with concealing magic from the Muggle orphan and volunteers.)

                    ɤ   ›VOICE: 

               He has a soft almost gentle voice. It's a bit deep though. He usually doesn't talk louder than normal talking level however he would scream if he has to, especially when it comes to kids misbehaving. except with a British accent... 

                    ɤ   ›LIKES/DISLIKES: 

+ Learning new things -> Love random factoids.
+ Favorite Subjects: Arthimancy, Defense Against Dark Arts, Ancient Studies
+ Books --> if he could, he would live in the library.
+ The children at the orphanage; he loves each and every one of them and thinks that they are his family. Though at times, they do try him and annoy him just like how any sibling is really.
+ Latin, occasionally spell designing
+ Loves his house color: Blue, especially Prussian blue shade

+/- He is happy when an orphan gets adopted but feels sad that they are leaving.

- Potions; of all the classes he takes, his lowest grade is often times from potions. He's not awful in it, just that he doesn't get high scores like his other classes.
- Dogs, or furry animals in general... He has allergies so rather not be near them. (Why he opted out of having one) 
- Tomatoes
- Forgetting to do homework/oversleeping
- His mother's cooking (She's a kind lady, she just can't cook.)
- People making a big fuss about blood purity

                    ɤ   ›FAMILY: 

               Echion Eluvies | Father | Slytherin | Pureblood | 46
               Lua Eluvies nee Leothren | Mother | Slytherin | Pureblood | 45
               All the children at his family's orphanage

                    ɤ   ›RELATIONSHIPS:

               TO BE FILLED IN 

                    ɤ   ›OTHER INFORMATION: 

                  Being from a Pureblood family known for being in Slytherin and being quite shrewd, Eleus was almost put into that house; however, his thirst for knowledge was too great to
 ignore, hence, first time in a many years, Eleus becomes the first non-Slytherin Eluvies. 

                  A bit of a loner as when he first came to Hogwarts. Since he was always helping out with the orphanage, when Eleus came to the school, he wished for some peace and quiet. And so he's often just by himself in seclusion deep within the library. 

                  He knows fluent Latin. He started learning it when he was 11 soon after entering Hogwarts. Mostly self-desire to learn the origins of spells that made him want to learn it and so during the school year, he would self teach himself but when he comes home, his parents supplied him with a tutor. And because he knows Latin pretty well, he recently started trying to develop his own spells, mostly ones for the entertainment purposes. 

                  He wants to be a curse breaker when he grows up. His family having an orphanage prevented the family from ever going to vacation places so when he reads books about grand adventures and exotic places around the world, he wants to travel there too. And he loves history and learning about ancient magic so he believes being a curse breaker would be best suited for him. (Curse breakers are sort of like Muggle archaeologists.)

                  Most of the time, he acts like a good role model but occasionally at Hogwarts, a small mischievous side of him comes out. If needed, he can pull out a good prank. 

                  Can be counted as a know it all, loves to randomly chip in "Did you know" facts here and there in conversations. 

                  Doesn't have a pet mainly because of his allergies but he doesn't want an animal like a snake or a bird because he doesn't want to have the responsibility of taking care of one. He in a way wishes to not have to worry and care for another being during his time at school because he is always tending to the care of the orphans at home. He wants a bit of a break from it though he does enjoy caring for the children. 

                  His multiple piercing on his ear is just basically the only sign of rebellion he had towards his parents when he hit puberty. He generally listens to them well but he really wanted earrings cause he saw a picture of someone with them and thought it was cool. His parents said no because they thought it was a bad influence on the children but Eleus was in his rebellious stage and just ignored and got not only one but three piercings. 

                 Hair Color: Black || Eye Color: Grey.  My coloring style is weird as I don't necessarily use black for the actual hair color... so his head may seem blueish but technically his hair color is black. While his eye color is grey.. It looks a bit shiny since I added overlay on it... (THIS IS JUST TO CLEAR IT UP my bro thought he had marth color hair...and I have this strange tendency to never color my OC's hair color correctly ex. Emma has brown hair but everyone thinks it's black, NMN has blonde hair but everyone think it's pink...) 

UM I shouldn't be joining any more RP groups BUT BUT BUT BUT ITS HARRY POTTER THEMED KSLDFJLSKJDF I LOVE HP OKAY :icongrosssobplz:


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